Four Stars


If you choose to enter this section, you probably would like to get some more details about our programs from those who are now in Shanghai or Hong Kong, or those who already came back and could tell you about their own experience.


Kim - Internship Language Program 4 months

"I dealt with organization of events for an Italian Organization in Hong Kong. From the beginning, they gave me a lot of responsibility.  I grew up so much working in such an international environment. The city is fantastic, I literally fell in love with Hong Kong!"


Beatrice - Internship Master Program 6 months

"It was the best experience I've ever had, I loved the internship. The Chinese culture has literally fascinated me, it's a totally new world which is worth to discover. FourStars helped me so much, in Shanghai they followed us h24. It's important to have someone, there in China, who supports you in such a different country"


Nicole - Internship Master Program 3 months

"You're thrown into a completely different working world. Everything goes very fast. I worked for an Italian company dealing with marketing and consulting. We supported small Italian companies exporting their products on the Chinese market. I worked there for three months and they offered me to stay for a year."

Eleonora - Internship Master Program - 3 months

"FourStars is undoubtedly a great support: China is much more than what you expect, so it's definitely a big help to receive both moral and practical support once arrived here. Furthermore it's helpful to share this experience with other young people, unprepared to China's surprises just like me."


Umberto - Internship Master Program - 6 months

"I have been working for a big company of Italian food and beverage in Shanghai. Now my position has been confirmed, no longer in Shanghai but in Bangkok, with a likely possibility of hiring. I'm looking forward to go to Thailand, because it will be another challenge. But my aim is to come back here in Shanghai after 3 months in Thailand. In the end, Shanghai remains in your heart."


Francesca - Internship Master Program - 3 months

"I took responsibility for Interior Design in a famous Italian company. It's been an exciting working experience: I had always very interesting tasks that allowed me to sharpen my skills and to learn something new. I can say that this experience has definitely helped me out to understand what I want for my future."


Corinne - Internship Master Program - 3 months

"I got a renewal!! I have to go back to Italy for my visa, but, after a week, I will be in Shanghai to continue this experience, because three months are not enough. In my opinion, you need to stay here much longer. I had this opportunity and I took it right away. From a personal perspective, it's amazing. We arrived here as a really close-knit group, we immediately worked well together."


Sara - Internship Master Program - 3 months

"The short time spent in China changed me in so many ways. It helped me to grow up, to appreciate where I come from and to figure out my goals for the future. Every journey comes to an end, but after all I'm sure it was just a beginning."


Giovanni - Internship Master Program - 6 months

"Shanghai enriched me both personally and education wise. I met many interesting people that inspired me, people who are focused, driven and with a very positive attitude, people able to build a business from scratch. Chinese people can be weird, they have their own way of doing things, still they are really cool. It took me a while to understand how to work with them, but in the end I had a really great time. Once you feel at ease with the city, it’s a great experience."


Fabio - Internship Master Program - 6 months

"The Internship Master Program was an amazing experience both professionally and personally. Shanghai can be a challenging place. I'm positive that this experience will help me finding a job, now that I'm back to Italy. This experience can open the door to finding a job abroad or in China too."


Alan - Internship Master Program - 6 months

"I was fully satisfied by my internship. My goal was to work in an international start-up company and gain working practice. The whole experience exceeded my expectations! The managers assigned their interns a lot of responsibilities and trusted talented young people. If you want to invest in yourself and your international career, this is the right place to start!"


Alessandra - Internship Master Program - 3 months

"The company I worked for gave me responsibility and trust right from the beginning. I was Head of Marketing. I always felt as being part of the company, a permanent team member (employee). I'm back to Italy to get my degree but I plan on returning to China. The company offered me a position to continue working with them, and I can’t wait to keep on growing with them."


Eleonora - Internship Program - 6 months

"China is overwhelming! You need to be patient, flexible and hard working if you want to successfully blend in a company or in a group of Chinese people. The word ‘internship’ means something different in China: managers see interns as trusted employees and teach them how to work well. In Shanghai, I was a Project Manager. My job was to organize events and meetings, and I was doing that on my own."


Federica - Internship Program - 6 months

"Shanghai is the best place to be to meet people and make useful work contacts to help you enter the working world especially if you are young, because not only does it help you to learn, but also to grow from both a professional and human point of view."


Alberto - Internship Program - 6 months

"Two bustling fast-paced weeks have made me understand what it means to live and work in a city like this one. If you can’t keep up the pace, you cannot keep up with everything moving around you and cannot build a good network for yourself; and here in Shanghai the NETWORK is everything!"


Janike - Internship Program - 3 months

"Shanghai is humongous, very long distances, and initially everything is just so stressful. The paradox is that the city is fast paced while the people seem to be moving slowly. I have learned to have more self-control, and I have to thank this experience for it. I feel more mature."


David - Internship Program - 6 months

"The added value of the FourStars program is to soften the impact you inevitably feel in this city. I don’t see how somebody could think of just moving to the other side of the world on two feet. Finding someone that follows you and explains what it is like to live in China is fundamental."