Four Stars


1. What do FourStars Programs include?

The FourStars Programs are divided into: Internship Language Program, Language Program and Internship Combined Program.
The Internship Language Program includes an Intensive Language Course, Chinese or Business English depending on your destination (Shanghai or Hong Kong respectively) and a professional internship experience in an international company for a total duration from 3 to 6 months, depending on your preference. The Language Program offers a high-level Chinese language training, including an intensive course in a school accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education and HSK Certification.
The Internship Combined Program includes an intensive Chinese Mandarin course, held by an important Shanghai university, along with two distinct internships, the first in Shanghai and the second in Hong Kong, according to the candidate's profile. The internships will last 3 months each. All Programs provide operational support (for details, see section 360 ° operational support).

2. Which program suits me best?

The Internship Language Program combines the internship with an intensive Chinese or English language course to enable the candidate to enter the cultural dimension of the city, network and integrate faster into the multicultural working context. Depending on the candidate's interest, two destinations (Shanghai and Hong Kong) and two different duration (3 or 6 months) are available.
The Language Program is a high-level language training program, ideal for those who prefer to focus exclusively on studying Mandarin Chinese. The course also offers the possibility to achieve the HSK certification (the only internationally recognized for the assessment of Chinese language knowledge).
The Internship Combined Program is a unique and highly challenging training program, which allows the candidate to face two distinct internship experiences in the most representative cities of China and Asia: Shanghai and Hong Kong. In addition to the internships, an intensive Chinese course is held by an important University in Shanghai.

3. What educational qualifications should I have to be eligible for the program?

To access either program, you need to have a college degree or be enrolled in your last year at a University.

4. Which documents do I need to go to China?

You need the following documents:

A valid passport (with a minimum of 6 months before expiration and with sufficient blank pages at the time you apply for your Visa);

A Chinese Visa (FourStars will assist you with this process);

An international health insurance and general liability insurance policy throughout your stay in China.

5. When are the expected departure dates?

Check all departures at the page Departures.

6. Is the flight included in the programs?

Yes, the international flight is included in your program cost. FourStars will take care of booking and paying for the flight.

7. If I were to have problems in China, who should I turn to?

Our staff is available to assist you 24/7 for all needs or urgent matters during your stay in China.


1. Which are the requirements to access the MIBC?

Admission to MIBC is subject to the attainment of a Bachelor's degree (DM 509/99) or Specialist degree (Law 341/90) or foreign equivalent degree in economics, technical-scientific, quantitative, legal, humanistic and socio-political disciplines. Applications are also open to those who are candidates in achieving the required qualification, provided that they achieve that title by January 2017.

2. How is the MIBC structured?

The Master's Degree includes 360 hours of classroom lessons (280 hours in Milan and 80 hours in Shanghai), more than 300 hours of Internship in a partner company in Shanghai and 140 hours of final project work, that will be discussed at the end of the path.
The program of the MIBC is divided into five phases: International Business Management (Milan), Focus on China (Milan), China Culture Immersion (Shanghai), Internship in China (Shanghai), Project Work and Final Dissertation.

3. Does the MIBC provide an internship?

The MIBC includes a compulsory internship in Shanghai. It could be of 300 or 600 hours, depending on the formula chosen (3 months or 6 months in China) when you enrol.
The internship will start in June 2017 and is guaranteed to all participants.

4. Where will the MIBC take place?

Frontal lectures will be held in Milan, at 7 Via Meravigli, in the headquarters of Nibi – Chamber of Commerce and at Superstudio Più, 26 Via Tortona and then in Shanghai. The internship will take place in Shanghai in partner companies.
The MIBC will start in Milan, on February 2019.

5. Is compulsory attendance required for MIBC?

Attendance is compulsory for at least 80% of the hours of lesson, in Milan and in Shanghai.

6. How many Course Credits can I obtain by registering at MIBC?

MIBC enables you to get 60 university credits (CFU).
To obtain the course credits, all participants will have to pass the midterm tests and discuss the final dissertation (project work).

7. In what language will the MIBC be held?

Lessons and all activities will be in English.
Frontal lectures and all activities will be held in English.


1. Is there a deadline for Application?

Yes. Check all deadlines at the page Departures.

2. Can I participate in the program without speaking Chinese?

Yes. Knowing Chinese is not a requirement to participate in the program.

3. Which languages do I need to know to participate to the Program?

The basic requirement to access the Programs is an excellent fluency in English. Knowledge of other languages, including Chinese, is a preferred requirement, as well as a previous internship experience.

4. I'm still attending university. Can I apply?

Yes, but only if you're attending the last year.

5. What is the step that follows after Application?

After submitting the Application, our staff of recruiters will call those who pass the first stage for individual interviews in FourStars offices in Milan.


1. What should I do once in Shanghai or Hong Kong?

Our programs include an airport pick-up. Our staff members will be waiting for you with a sign at Shanghai’s or Hong Kong's International Airport and will accompany you to your apartment.

2. Is accommodation included in the programs?

Yes, our Programs include the accommodation. In Shanghai, candidates will live in European standard shared apartments. Direct costs only are not included.
In Hong Kong, candidates will live in European standard studios with a private bathroom, kitchenette and double bed. Direct costs and Wi-Fi are included.

3. Can I use my mobile phone in China?

Our programs include a welcome-packet with a pre-paid Chinese SIM card. The standard balance helps interns with initial communication needs.

4. Is it easy to find an internet connection in China?

Wi-Fi can be found in many pubs both in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Cybercafés are widespread too.
In Shanghai you need a VPN to access social networks, while in Hong Kong the VPN is not necessary.

5. How do I get around in China?

Our welcome kit includes a pre-paid transportation card for taxis and public transportation that covers initial commuting needs.

6. Is insurance mandatory?

Yes. Interns must have an international health and general liability insurance policy valid throughout your stay in China.