Four Stars


FourStars is an employment agency accredited by the Italian Work Ministry, Regione Lombardia, Regione Lazio and the Veneto region. Operating since 2000, it has provided professional opportunities to more than 160,000 young workers through prestigious internships, professional networking events, international employment referrals, language and culture immersion training, and international relocation assistance. FourStars kickstarts your career with practical learning, global perspectives and unparalleled networking opportunities, launching your career in today’s competitive economy.

As globalization continues reshaping the world’s economy, job seekers realize they must demonstrate competitive skills to impress clients and employers. The skills in highest demand are intercultural communication proficiencies that are needed to navigate in diverse economies with people from different backgrounds. To develop these skills, professionals should consider international work experience in multicultural environments.

The best place to develop these competitive skills is Shanghai, China. Not only did China observe and anticipate the impact globalization would have had on international economies, it is now redefining current business practices and future expectations through incomparable innovation, efficiency, and international collaboration. This charming and challenging culture represents a society in constant growth where ideas transform into innovative realities and where having an experiential education produces extraordinary rewards. Shanghai is the best place to acquire international work experience as it has no equal in the global job market.

The challenges for many professionals desiring an international work experience are how to begin, how to learn about the Chinese culture, language, and business customs, how to adjust to the Chinese business environment, and how to create lasting overseas work relationships. What lies behind these challenges? It’s the struggle of experiencing such uncertainties alone.

FourStars’ internship programs allow interns to bypass these challenges and to experience a safe, all-inclusive, prestigious internship abroad. By adding a FourStars’ Shanghai internship to your resume, you will join the elite few who have matured highly competitive international skills, guaranteeing themselves the unique global and cultural perspective needed to succeed in today’s business environment.

For fifteen years, FourStars has specialized in prestigious internship recruitment and employment in China. We are able to give internship candidates the best quality experiential learning for professional development in the Chinese market. After completing one of our internship programs, internship candidates will have a greater knowledge of the Chinese culture, language, global business skills ( which radically alter your decision-making abilities to set you apart from your peers), a powerful international network, invaluable life-experience, and the necessary intercultural skills to thrive in any job market.

Through our partnering international companies and distinguished professional networks, we offer highly specialized internships in China which act as a career springboard to launch international careers that will enrich the quality of lives.

Faithful to our vocation of recruiting company, we created 4 different combinations of programs in order to meet needs and aspirations of different profiles. 2 kinds of programs in Shanghai and Hong Kong, focused on business experience and including intensive language course, for those who recognize in the high level of fluency an assent now essential for their career path. As an alternative, a high-level language training program for those who want to focus on learning Chinese, and to obtain a valid international certification.