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Because our prestigious China internships require U.S. candidates to demonstrate high levels of skill and an aptitude for cross-cultural success, the application process helps us determine whether a good-fit can be made between each U.S. candidate and the available China internships. This is a competitive application process and not all applicants are accepted. Applicants are advised to invest time, thought, and energy into their applications.

In addition to educational questions, our enrollment committee will ask U.S. candidates about their resume/CV, their personal motivation to work in China, to demonstrate fluent English skills, and will discuss cross-cultural characteristics such as open-mindedness, flexibility, adventurous and curious mindfulness.

If you have the skills and characteristics needed for an international internship, write about them or send us a video. Our enrollment committee will evaluate your application and if accepted, you will have access to one of the most extraordinary life experiences that can ignite unlimited professional advancement opportunities. Take your career to the next level in Shanghai by adding international work experience, language and cultural skills to your resume. Afterwards, you will be the professional everyone wants to work with.

Remember to check out the all-inclusive internship program Rates before applying.

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